Back To School Roof Maintenance Tips

It’s back to school season, which means a couple important things for you! Soon it will be fall, a crucial time to stay vigilant on roof maintenance.

Common Roof Problems

Roofs age and wear overtime in similar fashion. While severe weather or circumstances can affect the health and lifetime of your roof, there are common problems everyone deals with. Understanding common roof problems can help you spot them quickly and get them fixed before a … Read More

FAQ’s About Commercial Roofing

The last thing you want to worry about as a business owner, is your roof! A commercial roof protects your business investments, so understanding how to care for it is important. Here’s a few frequently asked questions we get when it comes to a commercial … Read More

Finding the Right Commercial Roofer

When you need a new commercial roof, repairs or just an inspection, it can be a headache figuring out whose trustworthy. There’s a lot of roofing scammers out there looking to make fast cash on your lack of roofing knowledge. Not only that, dealing with … Read More

What is a TPO roof?

When it comes to a commercial building there’s a lot of thought that goes into the space. The last thing you want to worry about is the stability of your roof or experiencing major leak issues. That’s why Earnest Roofing is equipped to help you select … Read More

Is A Metal Roof Right For Your Commercial Building?

In recent years the metal roof has come a long way. It was once seen as non-traditional, loud or lacking curb appeal. Since then, materials have increased in quality and the number of benefits have also grown. There’s a reason why Earnest Roofing loves working … Read More

Protect Your Roof, Protect Your Business

If you have a commercial or industrial business, your roof system is the first line of defense for your building. It protects against hail, wind, heavy rains and heavy sun exposure. If your roof is compromised, other parts of your building will start showing signs … Read More

Repair or Replace Your Commercial Roof?

As a business owner, your mind is often on the inside operation instead of the outside. So, it can be hard to know when is a good time to repair an older commercial roof or to replace it entirely. Especially for an owner, smart decision … Read More

5 Reasons To Call A Roofing Contractor

Are you the perfect homeowner? You’ve done your best to maintain and take care of your roof and gutters. Cleaned, trimmed, applied caulking. The truth is even the most prudent roof caretaker will eventually need to call in the experts. Unless you have years of … Read More